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Friday, March 23, 2012

ZDay 2012 in Vancouver | The Zeitgeist Movement

Introduction to Zeitgeist Day 2012 Main event in Vancouver.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Intro (Video and Peter Joseph)

Federico Pistono, the first speaker, talks about machine automation, and how 'Robots Will Steal Your Job!'

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Federico Pistono

James Phillips talks about education, going into schools, and working with TZM Education.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - James Phillips

Douglas Mallette of Cybernated Farm Systems talks space explroation and global sustainability at Zeitgeist Day 2012.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Douglas Mallette - Space Exploration and Sustainaibility

After coming back from the break, things started off with a little skit.

Zday 2012 - Vancouver - Skit

Aaron Moritz, produced of 'The Infinit Yes' video series, talks about respectful and competent communication.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Aaron Moritz - Competent Communication

Matt Berkowitz of Zeitgeist Vancouver discusses Updating Human Values.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Matt Berkowitz - Updating Human Values

Peter Joseph gives the first half of a talk entitled 'Origins and Adaptations' at Zeitgeist Day 2012 in Vancouver, Canada.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Peter Joseph - 'Origins and Adaptations' Part 1

The entire Zeitgeist Day Vancouver speaker list sit and answer questions.

ZDay 2012 - Vancouver - Panel Q&A

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