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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Six Epochs of Evolution Infographic | Jason Silva & Steven Mercado

The new Six Epochs of Evolution image was done in collaboration with artist Steven Mercado, who approached me after he was inspired from seeing some of the videos I have been producing that explore the “co-evolution of humans and technology.”

My focus has been on finding inventive ways of expanding the reach of these ideas to wider audiences. I have always pushed for infusing aesthetic relevance into big, heady ideas to communicate as much beauty as information.

The Six Epochs is a big, beautiful idea that Ray [Kurzweil] taught me through his books — it’s an idea that profoundly inspired me, and so we dedicate this new graphic to him in return! Also, check out some of my short videos — they are like “shots of philosophical espresso”… and have been featured in Wired magazine.

— Jason Silva

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