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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State of the Art in 3D printing | Siavash Mahdavi [TEDx]

During his PhD in Evolutionary Robotics, Siavash Mahdavi developed software that was able to design complex lattice structures which could be manufactured through additive manufacturing (more commonly known as 3D Printing). He established Within Technologies, a software house that specialises in the development of software for the medical and aerospace industries in 2008. This technology has been used in the aerospace sector to design lightweight yet strong components while in the medical sector, other software has resulted in the design and manufacture of complex porous structures that are ideally suited to bone in-growth into orthopedic implants. In 2008 he also launched Digital Forming, a company that is making use of 3D printing to enable the mass customisation of consumer products for high-street brands. Both companies were recently featured in the Economist in a cover story entitled "The manufacturing technology that will change the world".

TEDxSalzburg - Siavash Mahdavi - State of the Art in 3D printing

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