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Friday, March 23, 2012

ZDay 2012 in Los Angeles | The Zeitgeist Movement

This March 10th event was hosted by the Los Angeles chapter at the University of Southern California.

"Introduction to Z-Day" by Eva Omori and Sharleen Bazeghi.

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - Introduction

Elisa & Nicholas Frank of the social design group The Holigent Solution.

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - "The Holigent Solution" by Elisa & Nicholas Frank

Jason Lord presents "Areas of Unfolding - A Perfect Storm" touching upon the major areas of difficulty and challenge as the decline of modern, industrialized societies undergo a loss of complexity.

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - "A Perfect Storm" by Jason Lord

Joe Alexopoulos presents the reality of a "Money As Debt" Economy along with the human potential that's possible in a resource-based economic model.

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - "A MAD Economy" by Joe Alexopoulos

Message from Shar: "This was a slideshow I did at Zeitgeist Day 2012 at USC. I wanted to show pictures of what's not working in the old paradigm and visions of the new in a "resource-based economy." Thanks to all of you- my socially conscious FB friends for these pictures. You are my beloved community! As they say "a picture speaks a thousand words" Enjoy ♥ Shar Zeitgeist"

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - Slideshow by Shar Zeitgeist

Brandon Kristy gives one of his first presentations on the "Lifeground" as described by John McMurtry in "The Cancer Stage of Capitalism".

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - Presenting "The Lifeground" by Brandon Kristy

Topic: Practical Strategies for Communicating RBE Concepts

Addresses style of communication and offers examples of ways to respond to some common questions/objections.

"Zeitgeist Day" 2012 Los Angeles - "Communicating RBE Concepts" by Jen Wilding

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