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Monday, September 12, 2011

TZM Street Talk

We really appreciate everyone that participated in our project. The purpose of this video project series is to capture the general understanding of a specific topic by asking random people on the streets. We hope that this will spark some critical discussion about the flaws of our current system.

The theme of the first episode is, "Is Money Really Necessary?" This can be answered in a number of ways from an individual as well as a societal level. For this episode, we asked some general questions that we hope will help lead to answer the larger question at hand, which is, do we really need money in our society?

TZM Street Talk: Episode 1 - Is Money Really Necessary?

The theme of the second episode is "Income Inequality." We wanted to see how aware people were of the wealth gap in our country and how it affects the general population.

TZM Street Talk: Episode 2 - Income Inequality

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