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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University


The Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University is a humanistic online institution, committed to creating informed and ethical agents of change who bring a new consciousness, a fresh voice and up-to-date thinking to the global community, transforming obsolete paradigms and empowering the co-creation of an equitable, responsible and sustainable world.


The Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University strives to become the world’s pre-eminent humanistic online institution of higher learning, serving young people, and people of all ages, without regard to nationality, ethnic background, belief system or other conditions that have hindered communication and interconnectedness among the people and cultures of the human community.

The University focuses not on traditional methods of education, but on a new pedagogy for this century that preserves cultural heritage and develops comprehensive knowledge. It also serves as a permanent laboratory to examine and update human thinking in order to produce professionals who are capable of transforming outdated dysfunctional structures.

This vision requires building new and ever-evolving curricula and educational delivery systems that leverage the power and reach of digital tools to engage learners in self-learning through interdisciplinary collaboration in the framework of a horizontally integrated learning environment.


Non-subordination represents a stand for autonomy of thought that transcends subordination which is created by artificial identities, customs and habits that incubate insecurity, fear, and unfairness.

Social Responsibility means that we strive to generate a new ethic of sustainability for the earth and all people together with an unstoppable commitment to the development of our communities in the new millennium.

Innovation and Creativity enhances the cognitive potential of the right brain. Its cultivation motivates the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University faculty, staff, and students to discover new holistic currents of thought that will find new solutions in every milestone of their lives.

An Open Letter to the Youth of the World by Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Website: Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University

Giordano Bruno University Video

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