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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ron Paul's Speech at LSU: Promote Peace and Prosperity!

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke to a capacity crowd in Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University's Union Theater tonight.

The visit marked the first on-campus visit since the launch of his Youth for Ron Paul initiative, and it exceeded expectations with more than 1,250 LSU students, other youth and the at-large community.

"The sense of excitement here at LSU just after Dr. Paul's successful visit to Florida was palpable, as young supporters and Baton Rouge residents demonstrated that Ron Paul's support is found everywhere nationwide," said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

"Remember, at this first YFP event -- which we plan to duplicate on other campuses -- there were no freebies, no exclusive opportunities to greet the candidate, and no well-organized straw poll event. There was just Ron Paul, which appears to be more than enough to draw the 1,250 or so supporters," said Mr. Benton.

The visit to LSU for the YFP event occurred immediately prior to Dr. Paul's presiding over the grand opening celebration of his Louisiana state headquarters, also in Baton Rouge which drew an additional crowd of 700.

"I think I speak for YFP supporters nationwide when I say how pleased we are with the turnout at this inaugural event and the campaign's demonstration of young people's enthusiasm," Edward King, National Youth Coordinator, said.

"This encouraging turnout shows just how popular Ron Paul's ideas are among youth, who this election cycle will comprise a core set of voters and volunteers," said Mr. King.

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Ron Paul's Speech at LSU: Promote Peace and Prosperity!

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