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Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock The Revolution

One of the reasons that Ron Paul so often gets things right is because he is a student of history.

He was able to predict the housing bubble and bust, explaining in detail not only what would happen but also why it would happen. He predicted the wiping out of homeowners’ equity nationwide and the massive losses that would be borne by the banking sector.

He predicted that the decade following 9-11 would see massive expansion of government spending, especially on welfare and entitlements, with a large increase in the number of people who depend on the government for economic security. He predicted the decade’s reduction of civil liberties at home and the expansion of militarism abroad. He predicted the credit crisis and the collapse of the dollar, which are ongoing. He even predicted the flocking of investors to gold, which we are seeing today. He told us what we needed to do to avoid all of these things, but not one listened.

Given Ron Paul’s record, Zak Carter, a US Army veteran of Kosovo and Iraq, probably made a safe bet when he decided to devote four months of his life to bringing about another one of Dr. Paul’s predictions: “I always knew that if you were going to have a revolution, you needed to things: young people and music”. Ron Paul already has many young followers; Zak is bringing the music to get him thousands more.

Mr. Carter is the organizer of the “Rock the Revolution Tour” (rocktherevolutiontour.com) for the peace-loving, freedom-protecting, Constitution-defending Congressman seer. Bringing together bands from all over the nation, he already has concerts lined up in 25 cities from Seattle on Oct 15th and to Boston on Dec 16th.

Although the names of some of the biggest artists are still under wraps, we already know that the likes of Europa, Rise, Concise and Krookid, Jordan Page, Rothbard, J.D. Nero, the Voice of Independence, Billy Blaze and Per Capita will be playing. Some of the acts will be accompanying the tour from start to finish. Others will be playing in their home regions.

Throughout history, music has been at the core of massive cultural and political change, and it has been at its most powerful in defense or celebration of humanity’s highest ideals, such as Peace in the ‘60s, the End of Hunger in the ‘80s (remember Bob Geldoff’s Band Aid?), and now, in 2011, Liberty.

If that sounds like a fanciful comparison, consider that the artists at the Rock the Revolution Tour aren’t there to promote a politician (although they’ll likely be voting for him) as much as they are to celebrate the most important, most American, principle for which he stands. Liberty, like music, is empowering and, well, liberating…

Ron Paul has arguably the most diverse grassroots support of any candidate for the presidency in 2012, but young adults are disproportionately represented in his growing, passionate base. The new political generation is bypassing the mainstream media to go straight to the candidates’ speeches, interviews and voting records, which can now all be found online. More importantly, they are reading economists, thinkers and political ideas that haven’t had much play in the public schools or the media for generations. Their Paulian “a-ha” moment invariably occurs when they see that neither mainstream Democrats nor mainstream Republicans have the answers to what ails the country today: indeed, they are the people who have gotten us into this mess of war, loss of civil liberties and crony corporatism. It’s time for something, someone, completely different.

Young people from high-school-age to their early 30s are, as they have been throughout history, the most open to a whole new paradigm… And what’s not to like about a new paradigm of non-aggression, the Constitution, individual liberty and responsibility and sound money – all things that Ron Paul has been talking about and voting for for years?

Unfortunately for the Ron Paul campaign, much of the American population does not yet know much about their man, and since those people don’t know what they’re missing, they have no particular reason to google him. Fortunately for Ron Paul’s chances, though, the demographic to which he appeals most strongly is generally up for some good live music – especially when it’s free. Zak Carter’s Rock the Revolution Tour will be exploiting that fact to get their attention.

Conceived only a few weeks ago, the project already has an extraordinary momentum that suggests that it is likely to become big enough to reach hundreds of thousands. At worst, they’re all going to have a really good time. At best, they’ll consider the possibility that politics is not, in fact, all the same, and that “Rock the Revolution” is just the opening act of a much bigger event - a Revolution to Rock America.


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