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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Quantified Self: Within 20 Years No Doctors Needed | Yuri van Geest [TEDx]

More openness, more measurement, more technology! Yuri van Geest believes we are approaching a singularity where we will switch from a local, linear, world of scarce resources to a global, exponential world of abundance. We can already measure many aspects of ourselves from our heart rate to our DNA profile. This quantified self is the interface between the external world and our internal self and could lead to everything from personalized services based on our genomes to the end of healthcare as we know it.

Yuri van Geest specializes in mobile Internet, biotech, singularity and visions of the future. His key themes are Innovation and Inspiration and he's experienced as an international speaker on these subjects. Recent examples are his speeches at Mobilize in San Francisco, Innovation Platform and Nijenrode MBA.
Yuri van Geest is considered to be one of the 100 best marketers of the Netherlands. He also is the exclusive ambassador of Netherlands for the Singularity University (Silicon Valley) driven by NASA and Google and CO-founder of TEDxAmsterdam.

TEDxBrainport 2012 - Yuri van Geest - The quantified self: within 20 years no doctors needed

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