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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Class Size = 1 Billion, MIT OpenCourseWare's Goal for the Next Decade | Education@Google

Ten years ago, MIT helped launch a revolution in access to education when it announced it would place the core teaching materials from its entire curriculum online for anyone to use at no charge. Today, MIT OpenCourseWare shares materials from more than 2,000 MIT courses and more than 250 universities around the world have joined MIT in publishing their own course materials openly. Sites like YouTube.edu, Khan Academy, OpenStudy.com have emerged to explore this new territory of informal online learning. In December, MIT announced a new online learning initiative, MITx, which will offer a portfolio of free courses through an online learning platform that features interactivity and assessment.

In this presentation by Cecilia d'Oliveira, MIT OpenCourseWare's Executive Director and Shigeru Miyagawa, Chair of MIT OpenCourseWare's Faculty Advisory Committee and Head of MIT's Foreign Languages and Literatures Department, we'll examine the how open educational resources are changing the educational landscape and meeting the global demands for open knowledge.

Education@Google: Class Size = 1 Billion, MIT OpenCourseWare's Goal for the Next Decade

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