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Sunday, November 20, 2011

US REVOLT - UC Davis Students Protest Against 81% Tuition Fee Hike, Pepper Sprayed

After pepper-spraying incident, UC Davis redesigns website

Excerpt from UC Davis 2010-2012 General Catalog (Joke of the Day)

Applied Biological Systems Technology (College of Agricultural and Environmental Science)

176. Introduction to Pepper Spray. (3) Lecture— 3 hours. Prerequisite: Crowd Control Through Chemicals 122B. Basic uses of pepper spray in threatening, semi-threatening and completely non-threatening and utterly peaceful situations. Common spraying techniques. Overview of rationalization methods. Color choices. Jackboot styles.

177. Advanced Pepper Spraying. (3) Lecture— 3 hours. Prerequisite: Introduction to Pepper Spray 176. Calculating optimum angles in spraying situations. Spraying seated vs. standing persons. History and development of chemical warfare against inconvenient demonstrations. Elements of CYA: basics and best practices.

178: Pepper Spray Practicum. (3). Laboratory— 3 hours. Prerequisite: Advanced Pepper Spraying 177. Working in teams, students locate sites where individuals are exercising First Amendment rights and develop a strategy for spraying them. Emphasis on intimidation and staying calm under awesome hippie threat. Teams are held responsible for escaping responsibility themselves and insulating higher-ups.

Police in the U.S. have used pepper spray against peaceful students taking part in an 'Occupy' campaign in front of the University of California in response to the proposed 81% tuition hike. Demonstrators had been ordered to remove their camp, but after refusing, officers showed up and and tore their tents down, using force against unarmed people. 10 protesters have been arrested.

Source: Interview with a pepper-sprayed UC Davis student

UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis


Meanwhile in Baruch College, CUNY

Police attack Occupy CUNY students

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