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Friday, February 18, 2011

MIDDLE EAST REVOLT - Egyptian Revolution Spreads to Libya and Bahrain

Rising food prices were one reason behind the wave of anti-government demonstrations in North Africa and the Middle East. The UN has warned of impending social upheaval in countries that are quite literally hungry for freedom. The issue is also creeping into the U.S. where food stamp programmes are being slashed.

Hungry for Freedom: Plight of poor behind street rage as system raises food prices

In the Middle East, anti-government demonstrations have spread to Libya with hundreds of people taking to the streets in the first sign of the country's unrest. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have triggered a domino effect of protests calling for reform across the Arab world. Two protesters in Bahrain were killed and several others wounded in violence there. Police had to use tear gas and batons to disperse the crowds. In Iran, members of Parliament called for the execution of opposition leaders they say orchestrated protests on Monday that saw two people killed. President Ahmadinejad also vowed to punish the organisers, while the U.S. strongly backed the opposition. Egypt itself is gripped by labour strikes, where interim power is now in the hands of the military which is reworking the constitution. But some experts believe with the ideological splits, the army leadership has more to worry about from U.S. interference.

Violent protests in Iran, Bahrain as Egypt Army 'split between business & military'

Revolt Fever: Libya joins protest club as wave of wrath sweeps Arab world

Video of deadly Bahrain protests as violence escalates in Manama

Protesters clash with police in Benghazi, Libya

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