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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scanadu, the Medical Tricorder from Star Trek

Scanadu is building the Tricorder, a medical technology straight from the world of Star Trek. Scanadu has assembled top scientists, engineers, and biohackers at their lab in the NASA Ames Research Park, located in Silicon Valley, California. Our vision is to put Tricorders into the hands of millions of people all around the world, enabling the individual to be a stakeholder in health, and bringing about a citizen-driven revolution in medicine worldwide.

Check your health as often as you check your email

Healthcare all over the world is broken. It is the last infrastructure of the industrial age waiting to be decentralized, waiting for the empowered medical consumer to take the place of a patient. Scanadu, recognizing this need and opportunity, is bringing the new, educated individual a tool just for them – the Tricorder – to scan and track health in real time. Scanadu has partnered with NASA and other innovative institutions to bring this mythical device to reality.


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