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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

INSPIRING! Changing the Way We Innovate: From the Ground Up | Muhd. Ibnur Rashad [TEDx]

A community-oriented ground-up innovator at Ground-Up Initiative, Ibnur believes in leadership and learning from Nature. He graduated with a B.Eng in Engineering Science (Nanotechnology) with Minor in Technopreneurship from National University in Singapore (NUS). He worked on biochip nanofabrication and 'invisibility cloaks'. He has developed prototypes like a tap sensor, antennas, filters, fruit dryers and water roller. At HDB, he worked on vertical greening and rainwater harvesting. At Silicon Valley, he worked at Zong, studying mobile payments, social networks and multiplayer games. He helped to refine innovation at Ministry of Home Affairs. His teams have won the Daimler-UNESCO Mondialogo Engineering Award for appropriate solutions in rural India, Challenge:Future for an innovation platform prototype, and EDB-BETA for designing a health platform for 2030. He also represented Singapore at the ASEAN Youth Forum on Innovation and Creativity (AYFIC). Having done field assessments at villages in Vietnam, India, Indonesia & Cambodia, he now co-leads the Humanitarian Engineering Alliance (HEAL) and the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2).

TEDxBled - Muhd. Ibnur Rashad - Changing the Way We Innovate: From the Ground Up

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