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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Peter Joseph on RT - Monetary System, Debt, & Resource-Based Economy

..So, with all of the problems in the world today, how do people begin to think about, let alone implement solutions that can improve their lives and those of others in society? Economists like Steve Keen support debt jubilees, others like Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul support sound money as the solution, but what about something more radical? What about getting grid of money, profit and competition all together? Well, Peter Joseph, author of the Zeitgeist series, believes that society can evolve to do just that. He joins us during the show to talk about the role of debt, the monetary system, and social norms that encourage what he views as inefficient and destructive behavior that does more harm for society than good.

Peter Joseph on Russia Today [Dec 2 '11] Monetary System, Debt, & Resource-Based Economy

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