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Saturday, October 15, 2011

ITALY REVOLT - After Goldman, Italian Protestors Besiege, Storm Headquarters Of Berlusconi's Fininvest

Demonstrators in Rome set fire to two cars and broke shop windows during a protest in the Italian capital, as activists organised a series of rallies in 82 countries. Inspired by the Occupy Wall St movement and Spain's "Indignants", demonstrators from Asia to Europe took to the streets. Riot police in Rome charged hundreds of protesters and fired water cannons, while a group of activists set alight a defence ministry annex nearby. Flames could be seen coming out of the roof and windows of the building on Via Labicana as firefighters struggled to tame the blaze. Dozens of masked protesters could be seen in the area, which had not been cordoned off. The violence was said to be caused by hooded militants known as "black blocks," who have infiltrated demonstrations in the past. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Television images showed one of the cars in flames and spewing thick black smoke over the route of the demonstration, which was otherwise peaceful." Whether due to a subversive group, or representative or broader pent up anger, increasingly more people are waking up to the fact that the current system does not work and needs a reset. Alas, for the "resistance movement" to be truly effective, things will have to deteriorate far more, and the welfare state structure will have to be truly on its last breath. As long as the status quo can dangle promises of (completely insolvent) pension benefits and retirement plans to the 99%, all of "this" is mostly for show.

On the eve of tomorrow's event on October 15, Collectives student of Milan and the province back to the streets. A procession started at ten from Largo Cairoli passed through the center of Milan chanting slogans against the government and banks. Stormed the windows of many branches of credit, such as Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit. During the morning was also attempted in the raid Milan offices of rating agency Goldma Sachs, after the events in recent weeks had involved Moody's and Standard & Poors. The procession then walked Piazza Cadorna where about noon, corner of Via Paleocapa students threw rotten fruit and vegetables against the police, agreed to block access to the building housing the offices of Fininvest. "We trust you will never have, thief mafia", the students shouted at the Prime Minister Berlusconi.

NEWS: Protesters burn cars in Rome as 'Occupy' protests spread worldwide

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Milano, studenti assediano Fininvest

First night video of Occupy Rome clashes, cop cars on fire

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Rome Hit by Riots - Guerriglia urbana black bloc a Roma 15-10-2011

ITALY- Riots in Rome - Italian Indignados Protest turns Violent

ITALY - Riots in Rome - Italian Indignados Protest Turns Violent - Cars Torched - Banks Assaulted


RAW VIDEO - Italy - Riots in Rome - Italian Indignados Protest Turns Violent.

ITALY - Riots in Rome. Italian Indignados Protest Turns Violent. Banks Assaulted

Occupy Protesters Riot in Rome - Scontri black bloc a Roma 15/10/2011

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