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Saturday, March 26, 2011

US REVOLT - Day Of Rage Against The Cuts In New York

Wisconsin and Egypt have shown the way... Now it's New York's turn!

Student / Labor / Community Rally Against The Cuts
Rally at City Hall at 5 PM, march to Wall Street at 6 PM

• Jobs Not Layoffs!
• Affordable Housing Now!
• No Cuts to Social Services!
• No Union-Busting or Privatization!
• Stop the School Closings!
• Fire Cathleen Black and End Mayoral Control!
• Free Tuition and Open Admissions for CUNY!
• Extend the Millionaire's Tax!
• Close Corporate Tax Loopholes!
• Bring Back the Stock Transfer Tax!

More Gallery Here

New York Day of Rage

6,000 Protesters Marching NYC on March 25, 2011

New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts Rally | City Hall and Wall Street, New York, NY | March 24, 2011

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